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*Testproduct: New to IssueTracker? Please select this component if you want to learn how to submit and comment on issues. Do not use this component for real issues.
App Dev: Issues related to application Development features such as macros, scripts, extensions, SDK and API issues
Base: The database application of the OpenOffice suite.
Build Tools: These are the tools used in the build process and the build environment.
Calc: This is the spreadsheet application of OpenOffice
Draw: This is the drawing application for vector and bitmap drawings.
General: Issues that occur in more than one OpenOffice application, including Framework issues
Impress: This is the presentation application.
Infrastructure: Project infrastructure, including website, mail lists, Bugzilla, MWiki, etc.
Installation: Install related issues
Internationalization: Internationalization (not for translation errors. Translation errors should use 'native-lang')
Math: This is the formula editor application.
Native-Lang: Native-Lang deals with information and resources in a person's native tongue. Translation errors go here.
QA: This is the project for Quality Assurance and checking.
Security: Security vulnerabilities should be reported to
Writer: This is the word processor application
bibliographic: Project for bibliographic elements and integration.
distribution: The Distribution Project deals with all logistical issues related to the distribution of OpenOffice
documentation: End-user documentation, HOW-TOs for the various components making up OpenOffice
education: Education Project: Central place for education-related development: for students, professors, developers
extensions: Issues related to the extensions project. Extensions include all elements extending OpenOffice
groupware: The Groupware project is building the new groupware for OpenOffice. Issues related to groupware should be filed here.
gsl: This project contains the visual class library and other modules (e.g. printing, PDF export, ...).
imported-component: imported-component
kde: Please see the GSL project (formerly: Integration with KDE)
lingucomponent: This project covers Linuguistic functions like spellchecking, hyphenation and thesaurus.
marketing: The Marketing Project is concerned with promoting and advertising OpenOffice, product and project.
obsolete: various obsolete projects
oi: This is the project for the object integration within OpenOffice.
oopm: Project Management Application
performance: To improve OpenOffice performance.
porting: This is the project for porting to new platforms.
printing: Please see GSL Project.
stats: This project works on Statistics about the project and product.
trademark: Issues related to the OpenOffice-related trademarks, requests to use them, reports of improper usage, etc.
ucb: This is the universal content broker project, that allows the applications to transparently access content with different structure.
udk: This project is for the object model development and component technology.
ui: User Interface of Apache OpenOffice
user-faq: user-faq
utilities: This was the project for utilities used in development. This component is superseded by framework.
wp: WordPerfect Integration for OpenOffice - mainly a filter.
xml: This is the extensible markup language file format.